Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sister Ellyn Adams' new addess, email and pics from August 12th

New address:
Sister Ellyn Adams
PO box 11
Lehman, PA 18627
Companion: Sister Suckow (Sue-coe)
im right next to scranton, PA! woot woot!
love you!
Sister Adams

HI momma!
Ok, so I'm in Scranton now and my companion is Sister Suckow :D  She's awesome! very obedient, funny and kind of ridiculous :) We get along really well. I think it may be because she's 19 too. she's been out for 3 months and I've been out for 4, so we're extremely even in our knowledge... we sometimes walk around aimlessly... kind of not knowing what to do, haha. We have 2 baptismal dates and I'm super excited! I hope they work out. They're names are Colleen and Samantha and they just need to come to church and they'd be GOLDEN, PRAY FOR A MIRACLE!  :) So, hows home? It seems that time is going by so quick. Alora is turning 3, Dads turning skinny and so is Arielle! Take LOTS of pics at the Alorapalooza III for me, OK??  I have a present for her.  I am seeing so many small miracles, but especially the ones in myself. I'm not sure if that's bad that those are usually the ones that I notice... maybe I need to notice more of the ones in other people, but I feel myself more and more each day going through a change and becoming more converted to the gospel. I am learning how to be a better mother and wife.... hopefully. I have seen good and bad examples, so I am figuring out who I want to be. The area is beautiful, 

My apartment is super SUPER retro... like one step away from shag carpets, and my companion is beautiful. We have elders in this ward also.  Sister Suckow told me before I met the was a ward full of characters. Totally saw that on Sunday. Everyone is unique... and I like it. haha. One couple, the Deans, are AWESOME! When she met me she squealed and walked really fast to hug me. it was nice to feel wanted, haha. But she is super involved in missionary work. She has an awesome story! She grew up in the church but wasn't super active, became a truck driver and met her husband who was another truck driver... who was a Mormon too! Then they got married and he always said that he would have it so they would get sealed in the temple. they finally did this last July! After that, he got cancer, but he's finally home and getting better. I think that after her husband got cancer she REALLY became involved in missionary work because she saw the blessings from it. :) She is NICE to everyone, and I just felt so welcomed from her. Be that way for the missionaries that come into our ward, OK? The missionaries need it, they really do. Let them do laundry at our house, let them raid our cupboards, give them rides. They need it. And you need the blessings :) Its hard coming from a ward that was so missionary minded to one that isn't so much so. Like, they don't even pass around meal calenders because its a distraction... I'm going to be sweetly bold and change that. I just don't think that's acceptable. Members think (righteously, I might add) that we are the finders and teachers. Nope. members are the finders. I never knew that until I came on a mission! :) Instead of praying for us to find people, they need to pray to find people. The Lord has PROMISED miracles when that happens.  Its hard when the ward doesn't get that. Have you watched the missionary fireside put on at the Marriott next to the MTC? It pretty much just talks about that, and its WAY awesome! Anyways, I love you. Keep being awesome ward members. dad- you're an awesome leader for those young men and I admire that :) mom- you keep being an awesome ward missionary... they need people like you who are willing to do anything for them :) I love you a lot and miss you a little bit less this week! Love you, and you can send packages to my P.O. Box! I'm sure I'll be staying in this area for a while. Its awesome though... 3 areas in 4 months! anyways, I have to write president. LOVE YOU!!!
<3 Sister Adams 

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