Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sister Adams' email and pics from August 5th

Hello All, 
News: I got an iPod!!!! Ope, and I'm being transferred. I'm really really really mad. I'm finally in an area where I love the people, love my companion and its beautiful. We're surrounded by water and its gorgeous. Sometimes for "exercises" we go for morning strolls at North East park which looks out towards the Chesapeake bay and its so beautiful.  I'm mad because my companion and I got along so well, but sometimes I feel like I'm on a vacation trip rather than a mission trip, so it might be for the better. We just get along so well... Ugh this sucks. I can't even explain how much I'll miss the Fletchers. They have become my home Away from home and its just hard knowing that I'll go into another area and probably not have  a family like them. Like, who else would take the time to email and CALL my family? I cried a lot last night after we got home from the farm with them (some of the pictures are from the farm and MOST of the pictures involved the Fletcher's)... I'm just going to miss them a lot. Can we visit them when we come back here after my mission? :) anyways, so yeah. They bought us an iPod after they found out that I was being transferred! That's what I'm writing this  email from :) we have wifi in our apartment and its awesome.   They invited us over for dinner then told us we were eating dinner at the mall in Newark, Delaware, but then bro Fletcher lead us into an apple store. It was awesome!!! THEY are AWESOME!!!!

I have a Facebook now too! It's SisterEllyn Adams. Here' the link:

We use it to post things to the people we meet on our missions and to spread the gospel in that way and to also show them that we're real people :)  But, sadly, you guys can't add me on it :/ but you can stalk me!!!!  So, this week we found out that we are going to be the mission to test run iPads. It's really cool to be in a trendsetting mission :D ahh, it's amazing. I can type so much faster from this thing. It's a pink iPod too :) I have been pretty trunky this week, it kind of sucks. It's funny though because I have complete control over it, so when I feel myself getting trunky I know the remedy is just to work. I just need to work hard today, that's all :) well, be prepared for my address to change once again... This sucks. 
Can you and Dad read:
"His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox 
"Beware of Pride" by Ezra Taft Benson
They are awesome talks! I'm sure that these talks can give you another perspective on our family. There's this girl in our ward, she and I were texting one day and she was having a really bad teenage day saying that she can't stand her family and that she does all she can to help them but no one cares. I asked if she really was doing all she could, like serving them. She went around the question, but I know her well enough that she wasn't. I know that pride, in whatever form it takes shape, blocks us from seeing the big picture and essentially blocks our happiness. That talk, when read with a humble heart, can change people.
So excited for Gavin!  This one girl at byui told me that "even if I help convert one person, I've done enough"  
Tell mom I love her too! I think about you often, too often, and I'm trying not to. I will try to type out a little August newsletter for the ward today, but no promises because I'm going to Newark today to go shopping at h&m and urban outfitters :))))))))) so excited!!! I love love love you.
Good vibes and love from North East Maryland for the last time
~Sister Adams :)

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