Monday, September 30, 2013

Email and pictures from September 30, 2013

Sister Ellyn Adams' email and pics from September...
Ellyn's current address for letters and packages is:
Sister Ellyn Adams
P.O. Box 11
Lehman, PA 18627
What I do...

Ellyn writes to the Mission President every week.  This is her email to her this week...

"Its me, Sister Adams! Well, this week has been such an adventure! We found a lot of investigators just simply by walking places (out of miles...) and talking to everyone! I get TERRIFIED of talking to new people, especially since sometimes I can make it pretty awkward. But I decided to actually do it. And guess what? We are now seeing so many miracles. And not only that, but I am so much more happy with the work that I am doing. I feel as though the Lord is pleased with my work... at least more than He was before. We found people by talking to them about the temple, by a referral from the Elders, and also just by simply talking to people about their dogs! I love that I can take a step back and see the Lords hand in this work.
The people that we ran into on the street and talked about their dogs first started off by us asking if we could pet them. I LOVE DOGS, so its perfect when we already have that connection. Then we listened to them as they explained the funny things that their dogs did. We also had peanut butter cookies that we offered to them and the guy, Jay, was ecstatic! He loves peanut butter cookies. He accepted, and that also lead us to a stronger friendship with him. They said that they liked us, and that they appreciated what we were doing. That we were nice and friendly. We could feel the trust between us grow, so we told them about our church. They said that they had been looking for a new church to join, and they said they'd come. We could have simply ended it at that... but we're persistent! So we asked them if we could come and teach them sometime about what our church believes. They said yes right away and asked if we could come over later that day. We were shocked! So we set up a time for later that day and then said our goodbyes. Later when we met up with them, we decided to do how to begin teaching. We asked them a couple of questions, and one led Jay to tell us that he had been praying to be closer to God. He said that he doesn't believe in coincidences and that he knew that we met him for a reason. We said that we agreed, and that God doesn't work in coincidences, and that He works in miracles. By the end of our 15 minute lesson with them, Jay was emotional. I know that we didn't have miles for a reason, that we had peanut butter cookies for a reason and that I like dogs for a reason, and that reason was them.
Oh goodness, the Lord loves His children :)
Anyways, that was a miracle!  

Me and Sister Suckow

Sister Suckow's birthday was on the 27th and she didn't get her gifts yet :( it stinks. SO if you haven't sent my package yet, you should put a lil sumthin' sumthin' in there for her :D  I'm buying her a unicorn stuffed animal today. I will definitely be jealous of it, though. We had an AWESOME WEEK! We found 4 new investigators, and 2/4 have stuck! Last week we found 6 New, and only 0 of those have stuck. So actually, in the missionary work, 1/5 of New investigators actually sticking is a good percentage :D haha.
OH BEFORE I FORGET! could you look up a GPS for me on craigslist or something. A cheap, good one? That would be awesome considering if Sister Suckow gets transferred Im all outta luck! You could use my spending money for next month if youd like. I feel like Im asking for a lot and I hate it but I really do need one. Also, how long do flu shots last? Our president wants us all to get one, but I don't want to if mine from March has lasted. Oh, and the money ($90) that you put in my account, was that for my coat? If so, thank you! If not, thank you!!!!! 
So yeah, on Tuesday... it was a SUPER WEIRD day. We held up signs that said "We're Mormon Missionaries" and the other said "Any Questions?" and we did those across from a place called Fat Mikes that had funnel cakes. I sadly report that the most success was probably me eating my funnel cake.
Me and the funnel cake!!!!!

 At least of the success that we can see. There were lots of honking horns and people that smiled and some kind of weird looks from old men, but that's ok. It was really fun! We decided that we were going to count how many people waved back to us. There were about 2 per minute, on average, which isn't too bad! But yeah, hopefully some of them decided to go on or or something. So hat least we hope that we were planting seeds :)
Read it, the teachings contained within will change your life.
I realized that during Christmas Im really going to miss home! It makes me sad, but its ok... 
There are so many truckers here. They also have lots of trucking stories that I have no idea what they're talking about the whole time but I just smile and nod... 
Sister Suckow and I had studies last night and she decided to surprise me by moving the couch and having a movie night and watching the Testaments. WHICH I ACTUALLY REALLY LIKE, though it is cheesy at some parts... I really liked it. Then after we planned we had a pillow fight and then we dropped another one of our investigators. I have never dropped as many people as I have in this past transfer, and it makes me sad :( but its ok, they aren't ready right now. 
Us just being silly...

Anyways, Mom, I'm so glad that you started a study journal! That's always been hard for me on my mission, but I just started a couple of weeks ago, and it makes a difference! This week I am going to study patience. You should look in Preach My Gospel in the chapter "How can I develop Christ-like Attributes" it helps to use that as you study.
I love you I love you I love you and I miss you all!
 Sister Adams

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