Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sister Ellyn Adams' email 5/21/2013

Hello Family and Friends,
I only have 50 more minutes, and that's too short of a time to tell you all that I want to, so I'm going to have to tell you the best things about my week!  OK, so on Wednesday we got our new golden. She's amazing. I want to be her. Her name is Natalie and she's 21 from Colorado. She's a visa waiter and is waiting to go to Brazil. She speaks a little bit of Portuguese and has to do language study for an additional 30 mins in the morning, so our studies last 3.5 hours. So during that time I can take a nap, but I haven't yet because I need to finish reading the Book of Mormon by the end of this transfer and I'm only in Alma. She is super excited about the work, and that's exactly what I lack. She is the glue in our companionship, and its so wonderful :) She was in theatre, so she's a little dramatic, but she's extremely sweet. She was studying at BYU Idaho to become a special ed/elementary ed teacher (wasn't a surprise... cuz 98% of the girls that go to BYUI do that) and you can totally tell. She calls us silly and says funny things like that. She and I get along really well. So since she's been here, we've been going on a lot of splits. And that leaves me to go and teach with  members. So I was at a lesson for a less active family and they're a big Mexican family. I was going to teach Maddie and Ana, the two teenagers that speak English. I was about to start the lesson and the door knocked. I look over and I see 2 Nametags (Elders) walk in... the Camden missionaries. So I just laughed. It was so comical... I guess the Elders are teaching the Spanish people in the house already and they happened to have an appointment at the same time. I was kind of annoyed because I felt like I was ready to do the lesson by myself, but then I realized that the Spirit was so strong and I just needed to shut up and let the Spirit guide. They were talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I bore my testimony of prayer. Even though they talked in Spanish most of the time, the Spirit was so strong and I knew that the family felt the Spirit...except maybe the men drinking in the kitchen haha. I left the lesson feeling so good, but it was just a funny lesson.

I'm really scared of street contacting and door approaches. They're really awkward to me, and I've only had like 3 people ever be interested in what we teach. 3 is a lot, but compared to how many people that we go and knock, its such a small number. It becomes even smaller when we call and they're not interested anymore. We had one guy that Sister Meeks and Gottfredson met while they were on exchanges. He felt the Spirit so strong as they taught him the "Family: A proclamation", and they made a return appointment. At this appointment, the Spirit was still so strong, and he wanted to be baptized... we were so excited! We made a date for June 23rd. We came back for another appointment, and he opened the door, said he didn't want to be a part of our church, and closed the door. Its just weird because when we first talked to him, we all got along and we built a friendship with him, but then when we went back it was just like he was breaking up with us! haha He just was so cold. Anyways, we're praying for him, because he's so sad.  My companions say that I'm really good at asking inspired questions.
A lot of our appointments have been cancelling on us, so I guess the Lord really does want us to find NEW people to teach :) I was having a hard time talking to people yesterday, and we had a talk in the back of our car called "His Grace is Sufficient." If you haven't read it, do it! It is the best talk in the world!!! One of my favorite lines in it is "Parents, leaders and prophets are pulling for you...and Jesus is pulling with you." I can feel the love towards me from home. It is strengthening me so much and I can't express how much everyone means to me. The random emails from the ward, my family and my friends... the packages from Grandma Sue with random things... the letters in the mail. I know that they come at the right time every time. 
Thank you all and love you all!!!
Sister Adams

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