Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sister Ellyn Adams' email from 5/29/13

Hi Everyone, 

I am so much more happy than I have been in a long time. I have realized that I am tired of taking this so seriously. And I was way too impatient in the beginning. I think that I thought that I was going to be a really amazing missionary right off the bat, and every ones faith in me was getting to my head, but now I'm just letting the Lord take his time with me. My refiners fire is still not over and I hope it never is. It has waves, but I hope to continue to get those waves throughout my life. i was reading 2 Nephi 4 the other day ( I hope that's right because I don't want to get my scriptures from my bag :P ) and it talks about how the Lord trusts him so much and how he is so close to the Lord, and then he goes on saying " how wretched am I" or something  like that. Because he is so close to the Lord, he is realizing how  much he needs to fix to come back into his presence. I just love that. It helped my put everything into perspective. I feel like my weaknesses and insecurities are on display right in front of me, and for a while there I was letting them defeat me, but now I wont let that happen. That's exactly what the adversary wants me to do. I have so many souls to touch, and I can't do that if I don't have the Spirit with me (and the Spirit being peace, so if I don't have peace, then I don't have the Spirit). 
Ok, so  I have a story. And I think that this experience is contributing SO MUCH to my happiness and peace. So we had set a goal for 6 new investigators for this week, and i was like "Oh my gosh... we are never going to reach that." and Saturday comes along, and we have 1 investigator and we report on Sunday. so we prayed SO MUCH to find the elect, to find the people that actually want to hear our message because we have so many eternal investigators (one couple the missionaries have been teaching for 9 years....). so we went and found. We found 5 new investigators that day. it was CRAZY! this is the Lords work, and he will NOT let us fail. The numbers that we set are inspired, and he know that if we work and put full faith in Him, then he will not let us fail.
I love you all. Thank you for all the support, letters, packages and prayers!
<3 Sister Adams 
Me and Sister Williams
At the Delaware River
Cool clouds
At the liberty bell
My current home town
Me and the Sister in my district

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